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Cedar Roofing Company Lake Forest Il

Are you looking for a quality cedar shake roofing company in Lake Forest, Illinois? Cedar shake roofs are long lasting and help reduce unwanted drumming noise of falling rain, and hail.  Your cedar plank roof protects the house structure and its inhabitants during all kinds of weather. A durable and water-resistant cedar shake roof keeps your home's curb appeal at its best. 

At JnJ Restoration, we specialize in cedar shake roofing for Lake Forest Homes. We also provide various roofing services in Chicagoland Northshore Suburbs depending on your home's needs. Do you need a new roof installation? Do you need cedar shake roof repair? Maybe it's time for asphalt roofing, DaVinci roofing, or other roofing project types? Our experienced team of Lake Forest cedar roofing contractors is ready to meet your needs. We come with excellent service experience and review references. 

What we do with regards to Cedar Shake Roofing in Lake Forest, IL

Cedar Shake Roof Installation

Installing a cedar shake roof is not an everyday contractor job. A faulty shake roof installation can cause interior home damage and reduce the life span of your home's bonnet. We offer the most professional and reliable cedar shake roofing installation services. We ensure the proper installation of your shake roof, whether a cedar slat roofing material or other types, to ensure the efficiency and durability of your home.  

Emergency repairs to Cedar Shake Roofs

Emergency roof repairs result from hail storms, fallen trees, tornadoes, or high winds, causing sudden and severe damages to your roof. If your cedar shake roof is damaged at odd hours, you can reach out to us for emergency repairs. We will give you the appropriate assistance and fix the roof within the shortest time possible.

Regular Servicing and Repairs of Cedar Shake Roofing Materials

We ensure the good health of your cedar shake roof with our routine roof servicing and maintenance. We regularly inspect our client's roofs to determine any damages and if the roof needs repair. This helps our clients to reduce the risk of having significant damages. In addition, on-time servicing and repair extend the longevity of your roof.

Cedar Shake Roof maintenance

In addition, the correct and regular maintenance of your roof will assist in extending its lifespan and save you money. Maintenance eliminates the need for repairs. In addition, a good roof comes in handy when asking for a reasonable selling price for your house.

Gutter systems and Cedar Shake Roofs

Efficient gutters ensure water flows away from your home to prevent damages. Our top-rated gutters will eliminate the need for patching leaking and uneven gutters for them to drain water properly. This is a better solution longterm and will give a homeowner peace of mind instead of repairing a cheaper gutter system.

 We also do gutter cleaning to remove leaves and other debris that impact the flow of water. We install leaf guards to ensure the leaves do not get into the gutters. This keeps the water flow intact, reducing the time needed for future cleanups.

Inspection and replacement

Once or twice a year, roofs need to be inspected. We carry out inspections and give our clients a heads up if we find potential risks. In addition, we carry out inspections for clients who are looking forward to remodeling or building an additional room like a sunroom. We also assist our clients in inspecting damages for purposes of insurance claims. 

Skylight and sun tunnels

Skylights and tunnels provide efficient natural ventilation and more light than a regular window. In addition, our roofing company offers replacement services for defective skylight devices and creates new ones in an existing space.


Siding is also essential for your home. Call us if you need a roofing and siding contractor in Lake Forest, IL.

For quality, roofing services find roofing contractors near me or Cedar roofing contractors near Lake Forest, IL. 

Please contact JNJ Restoration  at 630-915-5218 to get a FREE Cedar Shake roofing quote.

Cedar Roofing Company Lake Forest Il