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Last Mile Distribution

When you need to make sure that your last mile distribution is flawless, you need a partner you know you can count on. Last Mile Logistics is exactly that kind of partner. We exist to make sure that your parcels get where they need to be when they need to be there.

Last Mile Logistics offers a variety of reliable distribution services, including logistics management, pool distribution, white glove, truckload, strategic warehousing, and intermodal distribution solutions. Our services can save you money at every link in the supply chain. Contact Last Mile Logistics today to find a distribution solution that solves your problems.

What Does Last Mile Mean?

Last mile distribution involves the shipment of products from a transportation hub to the shipment's final destination. In most instances, the final destination of a shipment is at a customer's home. Last mile logistics is a series of processes that we use to get the retailer's items to the customer's home safely, on time, and with minimal cost to ourselves and our retail clients.

How Can I Improve My Last Mile Delivery?

This might sound like a predictable answer, but you can start improving your last mile distribution dramatically and immediately simply by selecting the right intermediary. For example, when you partner with Last Mile Logistics, you have the added benefit of an intermediary who puts our clients in control of their own delivery window.

With our easy-to-use technology, you'll be able to track all of your items in real-time from a convenient user-friendly dashboard from the time your shipment leaves your store until it arrives at its final destination. With Last Mile Logistics, all blind spots will be eliminated with third-party delivery partners. Additionally, you'll be able to maximize first-time delivery with meaningful customer communication.

What is the Last Mile Issue?

Last mile distribution can be a big problem even for well-established businesses. This is especially true when delivering from warehouses to e-Commerce customers. Inefficiencies throughout the supply chain, especially as it relates to delivery logistics in the last mile, can be costly for distribution companies and retailers alike.

First mile logistics are typically problem-free. However, it is the last mile logistics that is usually the problem. Just think of the irony; our systems are capable of delivering large quantities of large products around the world overnight, but we often have trouble getting the shipments the last mile - from the distribution hub to the customer's front door.

What is First Mile Logistics?

The first mile deals with getting shipments from a retailer's location to the company who will be responsible for getting the products to the end customer.

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