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Patio Covers Orange County CaWhere can you find a business with over 20 years construction experience and a class B contractor’s license to design and install patio covers in Orange County Ca?  Patio Guy, that’s where!  There are no low ball estimates and over budget projects here.  Patio Guy is an Amerimax Alumawood authorized dealer.  We carry the best products at great prices, it’s that simple.  Your alumawood patio covers in Orange Country Ca will never rot, crack or peel.  And little to no maintenance is required.  Patio Guy is a locally owned and operated business that takes pride in our workmanship.  We are willing to work alongside all our clientele to make sure that they receive exactly what they requested and desired. 

Our highly trained and experienced build teams understand the importance of saving time and money without sacrificing quality.  It is import to us to make sure our customers are satisfied, after all your referrals and positive feedback is what keeps us in business.  As an Alumawood contractor we have the ability to install and make the best lattice, free standing, solid and combination patio covers in Orange Country Ca.   6 different colors of materials are ready and waiting at our disposal to help build that new patio to fit your liking.  No compromises need be made my fellow Californians’.  Our knowledge and experience far surpasses the ‘other guys’.  All our patio covers in Orange country Ca can be completed in as little as one day!  We take pride in every aspect of our job.  That’s why every job site is cleaned and returned to pre-job condition.  Every customer is treated with respect and will receive 100 percent of our services and attention.  You will never be second best to Patio Guy no matter job size or budget. 

Our staff is here to answer any and all questions one might have in relation to their new patio covers in Orange Country ca. don’t hesitate to ask questions at any time whether it be prior to, during, or after your project is complete.  Patio Guy has served people and communities all over Southern California region.  We have seen other competitors and know their game plan.  That’s why we offer a low price guarantee against any of our legitimate competitors.  We are committed to meet or beat any other licensed Alumawood competitor.  You don’t have the time or money to waste messing around with other guys.   The service, goods and prices you expect are right here at Patio Guy.  Let’s get those patio covers in Orange Country ca built already! Patio Covers Orange County Ca