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Pool Cage Painting Bradenton

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Article provided by: Decorative Floors, LLC
Pool Cage Painting Bradenton
If your pool covering is beginning to look old or weathered, you may need pool cage painting in your Bradenton pool area. Don’t let an unscrupulous contractor talk you into replacing your entire pool cage- it may just need repainting! Decorative Floors in Bradenton is a pool care repainting and decorative floors contractor, and can save you money.
Let an expert take a look at your system. Whether you need pool cage painting in Bradenton, or pool cage reconditioning, Deco Floors can handle the job- and save you a lot of time and money while they’re at it. Deco Floors can make your pool cage or lanai cage look new again by repainting your aluminum cage- adding beauty and value to your home.  
A very affordable alternative to rebuilding is pool cage painting, from Bradenton’s Deco Floors. They’ll replace all screens and install new bolts when necessary. You can keep the same color or change to a new color easily. You can expect expertise prepping and care throughout the entire process for a high quality job. Deco Floors uses only industrial paint for longevity of products. Ask about their 3 year paint warranty. To enhance your property value call Deco Floors today for a free estimate.
Routine maintenance to your cage will save you money over time. If your pool cage is starting to show cracking, chipping or peeling, you’re probably a bit overdue for a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to call a reliable company that won’t try to convince you that you need to replace the existing system- in most cases, you don’t! A bit of rust or areas that seem to need attention may just be an indication that you need reconditioning as well as pool cage painting for your Bradenton system.
Decorative Floors offers more than 35 years of construction experience to every job. The company opened their doors in October 1994 as a family-run business with the goal of dedication to you, the customer. Today, they have satisfied thousands of customers. Decorative Floors has achieved this through meticulous service and commitment to quality. Steve and his staff take pride in working with customers to see to it that personal attention is not a thing of the past.
At Steve Johnson Decorative Floors, they specialize in:
- 2-Part Epoxy
- Flo-crete and Spray-crete
- Paint Removal
- Paver and deck sealant
- Pool Cage Painting
Bradenton’s Deco Floors offers custom colors to match any décor. Options are affordable, durable, and low maintenance. Deco Floors proudly serves Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties with multiple builders and pool contractors. The business is licensed and insured and all work is under warranty for 1 year. Steve and his family are long-time Sarasota residents.
Let the experts enhance your pool area affordably and professionally, with expert pool cage painting in your Bradenton pool area. If you’d like a free in-home estimate from the professionals at Decorative Floors, please call 941-922-2422, and ask to speak with a specialist. 
Explore the Deco Floors website at for more information on pool cage painting in the Bradenton area. It makes sense to repaint your pool cage when you can- and replace it only when necessary.
Pool Cage Painting Bradenton