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Pool Cover Buying Guide

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Article provided by: Pool Vortex
Pool Cover Buying Guide

Read the Pool Cover Buying Guide online at Pool Vortex when you’re looking for a quality pool cover at a minimum cost. Our free resources make it easy to find the perfect pool cover for any pool, whether you need an above ground pool cover or inground pool cover. We’ve put several popular products to the test and provided reviews on our website to help you make an informed decision when buying a pool cover. Along with reviews and our Buying Guide, we also offer professional tips and information in our Pool Covers 101 section, found on the Pool Vortex homepage.

Star Reviews For Swimming Pool Covers

Our Pool Cover Buying Guide will give you all the information you need to choose the right cover for your needs. See reviews for the following categories:

  • Best Solar Pool Cover: Winner- Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Pool Cover
  • Best Pool Safety Cover: Winner- 15-ft Intex Solar Pool Cover
  • Best Winter Pool Cover: Winner- Buffalo Blizzard Round Deluxe Plus Pool Cover

Read more about each of our 5-star picks when you check out our in-depth reviews online. You can also click for a price check on Amazon and compare our top picks with other product prices.

Benefits of Solar Pool Covers

A quality solar pool cover can extend your swim season by 6 weeks, on average, heating up chilly pool water to a more comfortable temperature just by using the cover for a few hours during the hottest parts of the day. We loved the Sun2Solar Rectangle Solar Pool Cover’s appealing blue design and impressive heat retention capabilities. Trim this product to correctly fit your pool and you’ll see a reduction in water evaporation just by using it every day. Solar pool covers do more than just heat your pool- keeping out debris is an additional benefit you’ll enjoy, so you’ll spend less time cleaning your pool and more time swimming.

Best Winter Pool Covers On the Market

We’ve chosen the Buffalo Blizzard Round Deluxe Plus Pool Cover as our #1 choice for winter closing covering due to its durable material that is engineered to sustain harsh weather. As a protectant covering for your above ground pool, we consider the Buffalo Blizzard the best-of-its-kind product sold today. Priced under $50, this is the affordable cover you’ll want on your pool throughout the winter months.

Reviews for Safety Pool Covers

A safety pool cover performs double duty by improving safety when young children are present and keeping leaves out of your pool, as well. States with the lowest numbers of child deaths in swimming pools mandate triple protection around residential and commercial pools. To prevent accidents and drowning, you should install at least three of the following:

  1. A 4’ high fence completely surrounding your pool
  2. Self-closing gates
  3. A padlock at the gate’s location
  4. A safety pool cover

We’ve chosen the 15’ Intex Solar Pool Cover as our choice for the best affordable safety cover on the Web. Take advantage of our free online resources, including our Pool Cover Buying Guide, when you’re looking for the best value on pool covers.

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