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Pool Covers 101

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Article provided by: Pool Vortex

Pool Covers 101

Swimming pool covers become essential for all homeowners who want to keep their home clean and safe. These covers keep the swimming pool clean, especially during all seasons, due to falling snow or debris. Swimming pool covers are also best for the following:

  • Prevent chemical contamination
  • Reduce water loss due to evaporation
  • Improves heat retention of the water
  • Maintains an efficient filtration system

The specific benefits of an inground pool cover are vastly dependent on the features of the cover. Here is a basic breakdown of pool covers from Pool Vortex.

Basic types of swimming pool covers

Winter pool covers

These solar pool covers are gigantic and sit on the surface of the pool with the security of water bags. They are excellent at keeping out debris because they have a non-permeable material. Winter covers cannot sustain a massive weight, including heavy rain downpours, a wandering animal, and all other items you may place on the cover.

You may have to flash or drain out the water at the top intermittently to reduce the risks of the over dropping into the pool. Winter pool covers are extremely affordable and make an excellent solution for the limited homeowner. The particular benefits of winter pool covers are:

  • Easy installation
  • Minimal initial cost
  • A solid material that blocks UV infiltration

Winter covers last a considerably long time and with the right maintenance because they have heavy-duty anchors.

Mesh covers

Mesh safety covers can keep out a large amount of debris while allowing water and snow to drain through the cover. Mesh covers have a tight fiver wove that promotes easy cleaning, reduces stress on the cover, and prolongs its service duration. Be mindful that mesh covers can support thousands of pounds, but do not perform very well when you place high traffic. The most common benefits of mesh covers are:

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Traps debris and allows water to pass through

Solid safety pool

These winter pool covers have a lot of likening to mesh covers and are only different because they have a non-permeable vinyl material. It is impossible for water and snow to pass through, hence you may have to drain them out from the surface. Most solid safety covers have a submersible pump that drains out the water effortlessly. Solid safety pool covers are excellent for the following reasons:

  • They have unique protection against UV rays
  • They keep the pool clean because they prevent the entry of dirty water and ultra-fine debris


Hybrid covers are a blend between mesh safety covers and solid covers. They offer the cross benefits of both because they have vinyl patches and a small section of mesh. The hybrid cover design allows water drainage while blocking the entry of UV radiation and fine contaminants.

Pool Vortex has diverse and detailed information about the features and purpose of each above ground pool cover in the market. You can find different ways that the covers will fit your climatic area, size, shape, and type of pool when you browse our full informational pages. Take the benefit of getting the insight of pool covers 101 from our experts or website, and use the pool covers buying guide to narrow down the exact pool cover that suits your swimming pool and home.


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