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Article provided by: Watertex Pools LLC

Pool Repair Fort Worth Tx

If you need pool repair in Fort Worth, TX, and this is your first time looking for pool repair service, you might be surprised by how many pool repair companies there are in the DFW Metroplex area! The fact that there are so many pool repair companies is both good and bad for pool owners. This is good for pool owners because, ideally, more competition should drive the prices of pool repair services down. On the other hand, you might wind up getting scammed, as a lot of these companies are scammers! Not all pool repair companies are legit, and they are not all created equally!

With the following tips, you can avoid being scammed by a pool service company. We are going to share three of the most common pool repair scams and tips to avoid them. Tip #1: Choose Water Tex Pools! In all seriousness, Water Tex Pools has a reputation of integrity in Fort Worth, TX, and we work hard to maintain that reputation every day! Of course, not everyone who owns a pool is going to call us, and that's okay. Just use the following tips to prevent being scammed.

Scam #1: Upselling Unnecessary Repairs and Charging for Chemicals Not Used

A common scam that pool repair companies run in Fort Worth is charging for chemicals that they never used or just charging more for chemicals than what they should. Make sure you get receipts for all products and parts that your tech purchases and installs and make sure any chemicals used are new and unopened bottles.

Also, be sure to get a second opinion any time a pool repair company tries to sell you on a replacement or repair project that you are not sure if you need.

Scam #2: Installing and Selling You Used Parts

Believe it or not, this happens all the time in Fort Worth! It's very easy for a pool repair company to take a part from another customer and install it in your system while charging you for a brand-new part. Always be sure to demand that the company uses all new parts and ask to see the receipts as well as the box and or packaging material before installation.

Scam #3: Being Charged for Nothing

This might sound ridiculous, but this happens all the time too! This scam is most common with weekly pool maintenance plans. You are away at work, and the pool company doesn't show up, but they still bill you anyway. With more deceptive pool repair crooks, they may actually show up long enough to slap a receipt on your door, but if the pool looks clean, they don't do anything. Oh, yea and they still bill you for it!

To avoid paying for nothing, always leave a pad and pen on the back table, and make sure the pool company gives you a detailed accounting of what work was done and any new part that they use or install. Also, be sure to ask them to tell you how long the job took. Here's where a security camera can come in handy!

Pool Repair Fort Worth Tx