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Roof Replacement FairfaxAre you facing a roof replacement in the Fairfax area? Before you give the ‘OK’ to have your entire roof replaced, be certain to call in a reliable roofing contractor who can attest that your roof cannot be repaired for less than the cost of a replacement. STB Remodeling offers free home improvement consultations to homeowners throughout the Fairfax region, to save them money at every turn.

If you’ve been experiencing issues with your roof for any amount of time, you may have already called in one or more contractors to assess the damage and start the process of gathering quotes. Don’t forget to call STB Remodeling as one of your options. Their experts provide the most comprehensive roof inspection available- guaranteed. They understand your roof is not just on the outside of your home, but starts above your ceiling. For this reason, they will inspect all of the following:

- All roofing materials, to detect deterioration, missing, torn or broken materials
- Underlayment, for compromises that are allowing water in
- Roof deck, to check for sport spots, which may indicate rooted wood
- Roof valleys for leaks
- Flashing, for compromised areas
- Chimney and cap for possible cracks
- Gutters and downspouts to ensure rainwater and melted precipitation is draining properly
- Your home’s foundation
- Roof deck, from the perspective of the attic
- Insulation
- Ventilation
- Temperature
- Interior walls
- Ceilings

Before you make the investment in a roof replacement on your Fairfax home, you’ll need a thorough inspection to ascertain the condition of your home. STB Remodeling will let you know where the problem area(s) have been found and the area(s) that require repair or replacement. This is a free inspection, with absolutely no obligation on your part, as a service to the community of Fairfax.

If you suspect you need a roof replacement, contact Fairfax contractors STB Remodeling by calling 301-919-7607, or go online to and fill out the convenient online form to schedule your free roof inspection. If any problem areas are found, you’ll also receive a free estimate of the job.

The next step is to have one of STB Remodeling’s roof experts visit you at your home during your time-frame. Schedule your roof inspection for a time that works for you. If your home requires a roof repair or replacement, Fairfax pros will complete the improvement in a timely, quality and professional manner- their ultimate guarantee to every client.

Your roof repair or replacement cost is an investment you can’t afford to spend on services and materials that are anything less than exceptional. STB Remodeling guarantees excellence in workmanship, materials and service; in fact making certain their customers are 100% satisfied is their number one priority.

If you need help with financing a roof replacement, Rest easy knowing Fairfax contractors STB Remodeling partners with Synchrony Financial to help make your home improvement easier on your wallet at the time of the work. They understand roof repairs and replacements can often come at an inconvenient time and cannot always be budgeted for. To learn more about financing your new roof, visit or call 703-849-0894 now and get your roof problems taken care of. Roof Replacement Fairfax
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Roof Replacement Fairfax
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