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The sunroom is easily the most trafficked space in the home because it has an airy and light ambiance. The primary of the sunroom will dictate how you should decorate the room. You will likely choose an enclosed sunroom if you plan to install a TV and music system in the space or an open one if you will only use the sunroom to host friends for a barbecue or similar events. Nonetheless, it is wise for you to be intentional with the design to match the sunroom architecture with the true intent of the space.

Tips for choosing a sunroom design and selecting a sunroom builder

What is the best size for a sunroom?

The right attitude to this question is that the size of the room will always match its real intent. It would help if you carefully consider the furniture you plan to use, the number of people who can use the sunroom at one time, and the amount of shade you want to choose the best size. Take note of the height of the sunroom to maximize the size because a high roof and tall walls are unique ideas for building a sunroom in Calgary AB.

Choosing between a solid or open roof

Each roofing style will have different air circulations. The open roof allows ample ambient light, while the closed or partial shade offers more protection for harsh weather. Each roofing has benefits of drawbacks that work differently for each homeowner. Most of our clients select semi-translucent sunrooms to allow enough natural light while keeping the inside dry and protected. You can check out our gallery for more details on the designs or consult for in-depth information.

What is the best sunroom cover material?

The durability of your sunroom cover depends on the roofing material and how it interacts with the environment. You need to make sure the sunroom expert uses materials that serve your specific needs and work perfectly for a long time without repairs or replacements. A typical list of cover materials includes:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Aluminum

Why do most of our clients prefer a complete glass sunroom? The glass roofing enclosure expands your living space from the sides and the top. Glass is the more attractive enclosure roofing, with consistent energy efficiency due to the airtight construction. Our Solarium builder in Calgary
is proficient with many designs and styles of glass roof sunrooms; hence they will install a conventional one in the least amount of time possible. Additionally, glass is easier to maintain and less likely to wear out due to scratches or dents.

Best sunroom shade

Shade structures are available in many different shapes. The curved, rectangular, or slanted shade will offer superior shading and comfort; hence the ideal sunroom structure is a matter of preference.

All types of sunrooms require professional installation to ensure the work is smooth and delivers exceptional sun protection and endearing performance. Calgary Best Sunrooms is handy with tools and has deep familiarity with all specifications. Contact our Calgary sunroom builder today (403-251-7353) for more tips for sunrooms and check out the online store to begin your search for the perfect sunroom.

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