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Sliding Glass Door Repair Near Me

A sliding door should glide along the tracks without jerks, jumps, or stickiness. It is, however, common for them to wear out because they are often on the outside of the home. The rollers wear out from dirt and depositions of debris on the tracks. Can a sliding glass door be repaired? It is easy to fix a sliding door by adjusting the rollers and the track.

How do I fix the rollers on my sliding glass door?

Check the rollers

Place the door on sawhorses for easy access to the rollers. Use a screwdriver to pull out the rollers to clean them of dirt, dust, hairs, and other obstructive elements. You may want to call for the best sliding glass door repair services near me for the application of oil and a dirt repellant solution.

Clean tracks

Cleaning the tracks will require the use of an alcohol spray that breaks down the dirt. Service Glass of Florida has a more substantial element because it can heal wears and tears better than other solutions.


Align the adjustment screw with an access hold and tap it into the wheels. Retract the rollers far away and roll the door to recover its standard operation mechanism.

Top five reasons you should hire professional sliding door repair

Myriad of skills

A door that is stuck or difficult to slide could have several underlying causes. You may be able to remediate the most common ones but lack the resources and skills that fix a more complicated problem. Hiring professional glass door technicians means the following conditions will have a smooth repair formula:

  • A torn screen
  • Alignment problems
  • Broken latches
  • Shattered glass
  • Leaks around the door frame
  • Rotten wooden frames
  • Poor insulation
  • Poor security
  • Cracked glass
  • Leaks around the door frame
  • Broken seal

Fast services

Our technicians carry all the right tools and replacement rollers for all makes and models of doors. Additionally, all the tracks and stainless steel rollers are of the best qualities, which ensures that the sliding glass door repair services near me will offer longevity.

In-depth consultancy

Part of offering fast sliding door repair near me is offering an in-home sample showing services. The consultative meeting will explain all parts of the repair process with in-depth details that let you understand your options in fixing the door. The customer support team is highly responsive all year round and will schedule immediate services for your home or office.

Fair pricing

How much does it cost to repair a sliding glass door? The average market price of a sliding door is approximately between $100 and $450. The upside of working with a reputable firm is that the technicians will quote a fair amount without hidden charges. Our rates depend on the following determinant factors:

  • Size
  • Type of glass
  • A pre-hung door with a complete unit of glasses and a surrounding frame will have exceedingly high prices
  • Frame material - Common options include solid wood, vinyl, and aluminum
  • Specialist treatment – These may consist of the installation of stained glass or sidelights


The best sliding door repair near me will not only fix a significant problem, but they will also suggest ways of making the door resistant to harsh weather elements. This service may include upgrading tempered glass to impact-resistant glass or refurbishing the track to improve the slide.


Sliding Glass Door Repair Near Me
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Sliding Glass Door Repair Near Me
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