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Trailer flooring or decks are an integral part of any trailer due to their functionalities and usage purpose different individuals adopt for it.

Trailer decks can be used as mounting options for retail, living, and even mounting purposes and with this, there is the need for proper maintenance procedures that not only elongate the life span of trailer decks but also ensure they can effectively function as they do.


So what are trailer deck standards?

According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), a trailer deck needs to meet certain standards. These standards state that a trailer flooring or deck must have no holes and thick enough to reduce the ability of fire or gas to permeate it and be kept clean by the trailer owner.

As easy as these standards may look, they often make the decision of which type of flooring material to go with quite the difficult task for trailer manufacturers as they have to factor in attributes of trailer functionalities and usage scenarios.

Customers aren't also left out as they also further base their purchase options on the cost implications and projected lifespan functionalities of trailer decks before making a purchase decision.

Manufacturers take this into account and tailor their products to meet these standards as best as they can. This sees the product of trailer decks with different materials and each having a purpose to serve.


How can you condition your trailer deck to last longer?

One of the most efficient ways to go about conditioning your trailer deck is through the application of trailer deck coating as this operates as a preservative means that is sure to improve the lifespan of any trailer deck.

Moisture and wear are just some fo the numerous issues you might face with any trailer deck and proper utilization and trailer deck coating practices can be a lifesaver for you in the long run and with wood being one of the most widely implemented material for trailer decks it is essential that proper maintenance practices are put in place in order to ensure its long term functionality.


So what really is a trailer deck coating?

A trailer deck coating simply put is a process by which the deck or flooring of a trailer is being coated with some sort of solution for the purpose of moisture and termite protection.

This solution can be oil or paint in nature and function by them basically being applied unto all of the surrounding surfaces of the wood material.

Regardless of the material and composition of any trailer deck, trailer deck coating practices are still necessary and go a long way in determining the life span of the trailer deck.


Where can you get trailer deck coating materials?

Deck-coat is one of the many companies that offer trailer deck coating materials needed to preserve the long term lifespan of your trailer deck.

They offer all of the needed equipment from roller frames to chip brushes and ultimately a deck coat kit consisting of all of the needed equipment to carry out a trailer deck coating.

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